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Chemona_Product_Homepage.jpg is the exclusive US distributor for Chemona® Nanocoat Technologies, a Dutch company that is pioneering this developing technology.  Simply, Nanocoating give you the ability to easily apply a durable yet invisible hydrophobic molecular coating to nearly any substrate. 

What does Nanocoating do?

Our coatings restore substrates to their as-manufactured appearance while providing enhanced dirt, water and UV protection for months or years, depending on the product used.  Our coatings are available in water, alcohol and epoxy-base formulations for application to nearly any surface.  We also have formulations that contain mild abrasives for polishing while coating.  Our coatings are easy to apply, durable, and will protect what's important to you while lowering your maintenance costs and allowing you to drastically reduce both the mechanical and chemical intensity of your cleaning cycle.  

Who is Nanocoating for?

Our products are suitable for use by everyone from consumers interested in making it easier to clean their bathtubs to large companies that want to protect their capital investments.  Cleaning and maintenance companies especially use our products to deliver superior results while lowering the difficulty and chemical intensity of their services.  But no special expertise is necessary to apply our products - if you can operate a foam roller and microfiber towel you can Nanocoat nearly anything.

Is Chemona's Nanocoating Green?

It is.  Nanocoating creates an invisible but durable barrier between the treated substrate and any potential contaminate.  Therefor things like water, dirt and oil do not fully adhere to a Nanocoated surface.  This means that time and, most importantly, chemical use required to clean a treated surface are greatly reduced.  So, less energy is required to clean a Nanocoated surface, and cleaning jobs that used to require bleach or other harsh chemicals can now be done with a simple microfiber towel wipe-down.  And our water-based coatings have been certified food-safe in Europe - certification pending in the US!

What surfaces can I Nanocoat?

Glass, mirror, steal, aluminum, stone, brick, tile, wood, fiberglass/GRP, textiles, carbon fiber.  Floors, bathrooms, boats, cars, countertops, building exteriors, hospital room interiors, decks, wood siding.  Shoes, jackets, sails, umbrellas, tents.  Grout, mailboxes, bathroom faucets.  Trucks and trailers.  Glass display cases.  Windshields.  

This website:

This website contains all of our products with their specific properties. If you have any questions or want to have in-depth knowledge about any of the listed product please contact us. Brian and Ben want to hear about your project!