Textile Coat Exterior

Textile Coat Exterior (TCE)

TCE is a coating based on chemical engineered nanotechnology. TCE provides a layer of protection against water and dirt. Humidity and dirt hardly get a chance to penetrate the surface causing the material to retain its functionality. Useful for various types of substrates such as polyester, blended fabrics, leather, carpet and pipe caps, pillows, furniture, etc. It gives the surface water and dirt repellent properties.



  • Protects against aging.
  • Dirt no longer adheres to the substrate and can easily be removed with water.
  • Less maintenance and cleaning.
  • Easy application.


  • Textile.
  • Leather.
  • Blended fabrics.
  • Polyester.

Key features

  • Treated parts are extremely well protected against the adhesion of dirt.
  • Prepared objects are very well protected against the influence of water.
  • Product is silicone free.
  • The applied Nano coating gives a long-lasting protection against contamination.

Products must be free of dirt to treat. Preferably apply to new sub-soils and outside situation.

Color and gloss

White, dries colorless (no cover), invisible.


Spray bottles of 0.25 liter and 1, 5 and 10 liters jerry cans.


At room temperature and closed.

Personal protective equipment

Gloves. Safety glasses. Protective clothing.

Hand protection

Suitable chemical resistant safety gloves (EN 374) especially with prolonged and direct contact (Recommended: protective index 6, corresponding >480 minutes permeation according to EN 374). E.g. nitrile rubber (>= 0.4 mm), butyl rubber (> = 0.7 mm) etc. The selection of the suitable gloves depends on the material, but also on the quality which varies from each manufacturer.

Eye protection

Safety glasses with side shields conforming to EN 166.

Skin and body

Wear flame inhibiting antistatic protective clothing.

Respiratory protection

In case of inhalation exposure, respiratory protection is recommended. Half facial filter respirator conforming to EN140 with Type A/P2 filter or better.

Other information

  • Do not eat, drink or smoke while working.
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