Textile Coat Interior

Textile Coat Interior (TCI)

TCI is a waterborne coating based on nanotechnology. TCI provides a layer of protection against water and dirt. Humidity and dirt get little chance to penetrate the material, causing the material longer retains its functionality.



TCI can be used for interior purposes and can be applied to various types of objects such as furniture, curtains, carpets and other textiles.


  • Protects against aging.
  • Dirt no longer adheres to the substrate and can be removed easily with water.
  • Less maintenance and cleaning.
  • Easy application.
  • Biodegradable.


  • Textile.
  • Blended fabrics.
  • Polyester. Key features:
  • Treated parts are extremely well protected against the adhesion of dirt.
  • Prepared objects are well protected against the influence of water.
  • Product is silicone free.
  • The applied Nano coating gives long-lasting protection against contamination.

Processing instructions

The products should be free of contaminants to be treated. Apply TCI preferably to new surfaces.


TCI is to be applied by spraying or nebulization. The tissue, especially at the seams should be fully covered. Leave surface to dry approximately 45 minutes. For best results, repeat the treatment after drying.

Color and gloss

Transparent, dries colorless (no cover), invisible


Spray bottles of 0.25 liter and 1, 5 and 10 liters jerry cans.


Keep tightly closed, at room temperature.


  • On textile the coverage is approximately 32 to 48 m2 per liter. The specified quantity is a target value. Depending on the nature of the substrate and process it may differ. Exact values for each project can be determined by coating test areas.
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