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About Chemona

Chemona manufactures ultra-hydrophobic protective Nanocoatings for a range of different surfaces.  Our coatings clean, restore, and protect your surfaces, leaving durable, ultra-hydrophobic protection to existing bare and painted substrates.  We have water, alcohol, and epoxy based coatings for invisible, gloss, or matte finishes, but all rely on the same Nanoparticle to offer superior dirt and water repellence.  Additionally, we now offer tinted coatings which have all of the protective qualities of our coatings while serving as a paint-substitute instead of a top-coat.  All of our coatings are extensively researched and tested to assure effectiveness and ease and safety of application.

Production & Distribution
Chemona develops and manufactures high-quality Nanocoatings.  Our coatings find broad use in various industries:  hospitality, building maintenance, commercial and residential construction, health-care, recreational and commercial marine and automotive.  All of our coatings are manufactured in the Netherlands and Germany for use in Europe and distribution worldwide through network of exclusive importers, distributors and applicators.  Our headquarters remains in Lelystad, Netherlands.

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Product selector

We offer a range of coatings which we recommend depending on substrate, desired appearance after coating, expected conditions and durability.

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