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Chemona 2C Colour Coat Gloss

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2C Colour Coat is a pigment 2-component coating based on epoxy-propane and butoxyethanol that forms a protective layer. The nanotechnology-based coating is a monolayer system made in one pass.

2C Colour Coat can be used for surfaces which over the years have been subject to pollution and/or discolouration. Surfaces that will need different colour scheme or a protective purpose.


  • 2C Colour Coat is available in 35 different RAL-colours
  • 2C Colour Coat can be applied without roughening on the surface
  • Long-term protection against pollution. (10 years)
  • Maintaining long lasting shine
  • Dirt no longer adheres to the surface and is easy to remove
  • Product is silicone free


  • Aluminium siding
  • Powder coated surfaces
  • Steel surfaces
  • Trespa siding
  • Plastics

For more information, download the technical data sheet and safety data sheet

Additional information


60 Milliliter, 250 Milliliter, 1 Liter


Anti corrosie, Dirt-resistant, Gloss recovering, Protect surface, Restoring color & scratches, Rust resistant, UV & color protection, Visual color layer, Water repellent effect


Cast floor / plastic floor, Fences, Scaffolding and platforms, Siding, Stainless steel / aluminum sheeting, Stone artworks, Stone facades, Stone floors, Tables, Terrace, Walls, Window frames, Wooden (garden) furniture, Wooden floors


Brick, Concrete, Floor tiles, Mahogany, Metals, Natural stone, Oak, Painted Surfaces, Plastics, Polyester, Teak, Untreated woods, Whitewood, Wood

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