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Newsletter February 2020

2C Color Coat

2C Color Coat is a pigmented 2-component coating on butoxyethanol and epoxy-propane base that forms a protective layer. The nanotechnology-based coating is a 1-layer system that is applied in one pass. 2C Color Coat is used for coating surfaces that have been subject to contamination and / or discoloration over the years, surfaces that require a different color scheme or need protections from excessive weathering or wear and tear. This product can be manufactured to any RAL color and has a satin finish.

Mix ratio
Mix component A with component B in a ratio of 7.5: 1 (75 grams and 10 grams). Mix the components well so that the liquid becomes thin. For application, the use of a mohair roller or XVLP spray installation is recommended with a nozzle (nozzle) of 0.8 ~ 1 mm, in order to achieve a uniform thickness.

Maintenance of the product
Treated surfaces are best cleaned with a microfibre cloth and Chemona Conditioner or a mild cleaner to which no abrasives, acids and / or biocides have been added. For a streak-free result, the cleaner is best diluted with osmosis (lime-free) water.

Suitable surfaces
The product is applied to: Aluminum facade plating, concrete and mineral surfaces, powder-coated surfaces, steel surfaces, trespa facade plating and plastic applications.

Chemona Training

It is of great importance for professional processors to apply the coatings properly. Chemona offers various training courses for these applicators, in which all technical knowledge about nanocoatings, applications and surfaces are covered. After the theoretical part, demonstrations are given and practical examples are discussed. The students can also apply the products in practice and test them on different surfaces. At the end of the course, participants receive a certificate, reference work and a test kit.

Certification is available not only to professional applicators and wholesalers, but also internal cleaners and concierge services from various companies and municipalities.

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