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Newsletter October 2020

Before treatment

After treatment

Project in the spotlight: Velserbroek health center 

The facade elements and window frames of the Velserbroek health center were coated with the  2C Color Coat in color RAL5022. Due to the aging of the old coating, the facade looked slightly weathered. After cleaning and sanding the old coating, the product 2C Color Coat was applied in 1 layer. Read the complete report on the website.

Contractor – Huipen

Before treatment

After treatment

Project in the spotlight: DZB Leiden

The sheltered workshop Leiden (DZB) has had its window frames restored with the 2C Perma Coat Matt. The windows of the building looked weathered and chalky due to the aging of the original powder coating. After cleaning with a Siapad and Chemona Cleaner, the frames were in ready to protect with the transparent 2-component coating, Chemona 2C Perma Coat Matt. Read the complete report on the website.

Contractor – Huurman Leiden

Project in the spotlight: Outdoor bar patio and restaurant, Newport RI USA 

Porcelanosa Grupo has chosen to apply the product 2C Perma Coat Matt to the ceramic tile floor at an outdoor dining patio in Newport, RI.  The existing tile floor became slippery when wet and a hazard to staff and patrons.  For this, Porcelanosa Grupo has chosen to protect the floor with the transparent 2-component coating (Chemona 2C Perma Coat Matt) including anti-slip additive for the safety of the residents.  This coating was chosen above all others because it preserved most perfectly the factory appearance of the tile while giving it the slip-protection required.

Contractor – Porcelanosa client

Chemona nominated for CSU INNOVATION AWARD 2020 

As a pioneer of the facilities industry, CSU innovates proactively in all kinds of areas. CSU is always looking for ways to remain agile and resilient.  To encourage their partners to remain active in developing their products and innovating, CSU created their Innovation Award.

Chemona has been nominated for an antibacterial coating for tiles and joints. Our Wood and Stone Coat was selected because it is water based which means it has no odor and can therefore be applied on-site without the need to close the facility,  It is therefore especially suitable for application in healthcare and hospitality settings where odor cannot be tolerated and the highest standards of cleanliness and hydrophobicity must be maintained.  The product has already been tested on site in a hospital and has been show to reduce significantly the need for steam cleaning by impeding bacterial growth.  This result was then replicated by an independent lab in the US and it was indeed shown to reduce the growth of Staph bacteria by over 99%.  It has also been tested by TNO for environmental safety and has been certified VOC free, food safe etc.

The effectiveness we have shown with Wood and Stone Coat means that we are one of the six applications chosen for final selection for this award, and on October 7, 2020 we will present our project live to the professional jury.

The pitch will then be published on the website. From 19 to 28 October anyone can vote on the various nominations via this website. The audience favorite will be one of the three finalists. The other two are chosen by the jury.

On 5 November, the final selection will take place in Efteling during the CSU Hospitality Congress (subject to RIVM measures). The award will be presented this day. The entry with the most distinctive innovation wins the CSU Innovation Award 2020 after assessment by the jury. Read the complete information on the website.

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